These are testimonials from real people who have been in contact with the ABIA

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"Have just received a cheque for £1500 as full refund from the non-ABIA agency I foolishly joined last year. Without your advice and assistance in filling out all the forms involved I would never have had the nerve to go through with the court action and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Last month I joined one of your recommended agencies and I'm pleased to report that they are providing me with a caring and sensitive service - it's nice to know that not all agencies are the same!"

L.W. Northampton


After the agency I was with 'went under' last year you were kind enough to recommend another introduction agency in my area. I am delighted to inform you that, after finding my ideal agency, they have now introduced me to my ideal man! It was love at first sight for him (so he says!) and it didn't take long for me to reach the same conclusion. We plan to marry before the year is out, making it a memorable start to the millennium for both of us, thanks mainly to the ABIA!"

V.B. Birmingham


"After following your advice I have now managed to secure a full refund of the £300 the agency withheld as an administration charge by issuing them with a summons through the small claims court. They also, of course, had to pay my costs, so I am delighted. Thank you for your help and guidance, I shall now try a reputable agency from your list, which I also note are considerably cheaper."

W.C. Kent


"I am writing to let you know about problems I am having with a large introduction agency. They are apparently not a member of your association, but are bringing the professional service into disrepute....I certainly regret not having approached you first, and shopped around, but until things went wrong I was unaware of your existence."

V.G. Durham


"Having had my fingers burned once before, I am delighted with the service I am now receiving from an agency which featured on your membership list. Thank you for your sound advice and for helping to restore my faith in dating agencies."

T.D. Edinburgh


"Thank you so much for helping me through a very difficult time. Without the ABIA to guide me, I am sure I would never have succeeded in forcing the agency, which only provided me with one (highly unsuitable) introduction in a year, to refund my fees. £200 is a lot of money to me and I am just so glad that I came across your web site on the Internet and decided to write to you for advice. Keep up the good work!"

F.L. North Yorkshire